If you’d like to read about how I transitioned into development, you should read How I Went from Sales to Front End Developer in 16 Months.

I started as a front-end developer at Pleo in August 2019. There are some things you can’t prepare for while transitioning into a full-time developer role.

Most rational companies maintain the expectation that there will be some time spent learning in your first few months on the job. Even as a seasoned professional, it’s impossible to know everything.

Looking back, there are a few key areas that, had I spent more time looking into…

Written Guide:

  1. Run `npx create-react-app [project-name] — template typescript`
  2. Run `npx -p @storybook/cli sb init`
  3. In `.storybook/main.js` update line 2 to look for .tsx files instead of .js. It should look like this:
module.exports = {
stories: [‘../src/**/*.stories.tsx’],
addons: [

4. Running yarn storybook should now show any `*.stories.tsx` files you’ve created!

Github repo:

Docs to reference

Photo by Peter Ogilvie on Unsplash

do you have it man

oh shit it’s in my pocket

I thought you stole it

One of my favourite things to read on Medium are stories of how established developers started their journey coding. It’s fascinating reading of all the different starting points people come from. I’ve noticed a pattern when reading about fellow campers who have finished their journey and have now moved on to bigger and better things. It seems the first two weeks in their journey are often glossed over, specifically everything from challenge 1 to the end of the final basic front end development project.

I get it. It’s nothing more than rudimentary HTML and CSS, with the introduction to a…

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